ZigZag alive!

After a bit of a break through waterlogged conditions and travel, ZigZag is back with some new plans and, as ever, enjoying escaping to the hills.

out at Devil's Dyke

We've had a quieter than usual Winter, in part due to the miserable wet weather.  But now Spring is firmly established and the Downs are drying out we're back on the trails.

We're soon to make some changes to ZigZag Cycling.  Nick is stepping down as one of the Directors but will continue to be available for rides.

And we'll be shifting the focus more toward coaching and helping people get into not just mountain biking but swimming, cycling, running and triathlons.  Watch this space for more of what's to come.

In the meantime, out on the Downs today and it was beautiful - really dry for fast flowing fun riding.

We have a schedule of regular rides and introductory sessions for the next few weeks up on the site - so take a look and book a ride.

Hope to see you on a ride soon



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Riding and swimming on the South Downs with some fast coaches

One of those good to be alive rides today, sploshing along the Downs with two coaching colleagues from Brighton Triathlon Club.

'Had a meeting earlier today with two of the swim coaches from Brighton Triathlon Club, Matt and Graeme, where I also coach, to go through plans for our swim sessions.

some muddy product placement advertising

So afterwards what could be better than carrying on with the wet and watery theme for a ride on the South Downs?  And wet it certain is!  I haven't see the Downs this waterlogged before - even in places where the rain water would normally run off there were long stretches of surface water.

Not that any of that stopped us!  Progress was certainly a bit slow at times, slipping and sliding.   Matt deserved an award for picking up more mud than any of us, mostly it seemed on his face.  Graeme gets a special mention for fighting with gears that wanted to be back somewhere warm and dry - anywhere but where we were.  And I churned away at the back to pick up the slow coach's award.

This coming month will be a quiet one for ZigZag Cycling (with big trips abroad) but we'll be putting up some rides on the schedule for April and May very shortly - hopefully will dry out a bit by then.

And if not, of course there's some great swim sessions planned with Brighton Tri!

Hope to see you on a ride in the Spring





Here’s hoping for a dry 2014

A very belated and wet Happy New Year - still waiting to get going, sharing the great rides with customers new and returning.

after washing the bike its time to wash...Nick

This has been such a relentlessly wet start to the New Year!  We have riders keen and waiting to get going with us but each time either Nick or I have been out to test conditions its just been too slippy and skiddy to feel it right to take out others.  And it takes forever to clean the bikes!

out at Black Cap on the Brighton Tri off road orienteering race

Not that that stops us getting out and enjoying ourselves - as you can see from the photos.

Nick has been getting out regularly with friends from Horsham Amphibians Triathlon Club (an ability to breath underwater coming in handy).  And among other rides, I did a great adventure race organised by Brighton Triathlon Club, combining trail running, mountain biking, orienteering and ...lots of mud.

As usual this year we're offering our wide range of varied mountain bike experiences to suit all tastes and levels - from tuition for beginners, regular more challenging rides, trips and breaks as well as tailored rides for groups and one-to-ones.  More details and booking all on the website.

We can also offer help in preparing for a big challenge, designing training plans to meet your goal.

at least these guys are enjoying the conditions

Last year we had our first foray into team building events and hope to do more of these this coming year.  We're always looking for new things to do and offer so let us know what would excite you.

In the meantime, hope the rain relents and we see you on a ride very soon




Skills and Spills

Saturday saw another ZigZag Cycling ride rolling out of Shoreham. This time we had a skills session planned and a group of four riders all wanting to improve their mountain bike handling skills for various reasons. Vicki, Esther, Karen and Carol braved a chilly 9am start. Karen and Carol had already ridden from Brighton to join the ride so the warm up was already well under way for them. After the usual safety briefing and some minor adjustments to saddle height we were off.

The group going through drills on changing terrain

First up were balance and cornering drills using various layouts with a set of cones. The riders all managed to show improvement in our "figure of eight" drill which is one of my personal favourites for improving balance and this would lead onto something more challenging later in the ride. The cornering drills seemed a little more challenging for the riders but again they all showed improvements and said they would be taking the drills away with them to practice.

After 45mins of drill work we were all ready to get warmed up again and so headed off up towards the downs with a couple of stops to talk through gear selection and to practice our hill starts. Half way up we took more time to practice using different body positions while riding over various gradients and narrow trails with a few minor tumbles on the soft ground. Some of the group even tackled the tricky "rim drop" which requires riders to combine many of the skills they have learned through the morning. This is very much an optional exercise.

Practice makes perfect

Skills coaching complete we continued our ride, climbing to the top of the downs with a few stops to admire the beautiful scenery before dropping down to visit Coombes Church which is always a treat.

Once back in Shoreham we finished off the ride with well earned bacon sandwiches and hot drinks.

Well done to Vicki, Esther, Karen and Carol for all their efforts and keep practising those drills.

The New Shoreham Bridge

Some of the group enjoying a visit to Coombes Church



Out of red hills and blue mud come great leaders

A new adventure for ZigZag Cycling yesterday as we took two teams out on a leadership and management development course - each one encountering their own mix of expected and unexpected challenges.

Big thanks to Ian from Cheshire for using us as the local guides and instructors for the exercise he developed for one of his clients - a major UK news and media company.

The task involved the participants dividing themselves up into three teams, each one to make their way from the beautiful village of Amberley to the castle town of Arundel, passing designated points along the way to pick up clues for solving a group puzzle.  One team hiked while we took two mountain bike teams on a blue and red route.

into Sherwood Rough

For Mike's team, taking the red route, the big theme was hills.  Big, thigh crunching, energy sapping hairy hills.  Even seasoned mountain bikers have to put in a special effort to scale Bury Hill and then Bignor Hill - so well done to Duncan, Chris, James, Mark and Carl for tackling the climbs, heads down and encouraging each other on.

At the bottom of Bignor Hill we had the added challenge of one of the bikes going into a bit of a melt down - the chain splitting open, grinding into the cogs and pushing the hanger out of alignment.  We decided on a mix of team pushing and freewheeling to get to the support vehicle and a quick change of bikes.

And of course for every climb up there's usually lovely long flowing descents - down through Houghton Forest and on to Sherwood Rough.  Coming through the woods close to Arundel and with James leading us, a big red kite took to flight just in front of us.

The Blue Group on South Downs Way

The Blue Group with Helen, Debs, Chris and Simon on the South Downs Way

Meanwhile, for Nick's team (The Blue Team) the big theme was mud, mud and more sticky mud. This didn't seem to dampen the spirits though with Helen, Debs, Simon and Chris climbing out of Amberley in an eastern direction which was pretty much up hill from the get go until the first check point at the top of a slippery and windy Amberley Mount.

Despite a team member suffering a bit of an upset stomach the group made good progress along the South Downs Way for a few kilometres to the second check point and another token displaying a clue for the team. From this point on the ride took on mostly a favourable gradient to Wepham Down, the going was still tough with the riders encountering 3 sections of sticky mud which completely clogged up a few of the bikes forcing some time out to get things moving again.

Before hitting the road back to Arundel the group suffered two punctures which gave everyone a chance for some reflection on the experience, the meaning of the clues and some analysis on the positive group dynamics as well suggestions for improvement. The team arrived at The Swan pub in Arundel having accumulated all 5 of the available tokens marking a very successful ride.

We think both groups did very well in the challenging conditions so a big congratulations to all the riders.

The Red Team: Carl, James, Chris, Mark and Duncan at the Swan in Arundel


Mike & Nick



Kites and Bikes

Out today checking out the routes for a group ride this Thursday, with some awesome wildlife surprises along the way.


We've been asked to lead two groups on a leadership skills training event later this week - both starting from the beautiful village of Amberley and making their separate way round to Arundel, one route heading out westward and the other going east.

We know lots of the routes in the area - but not parts of one of the two the organisers have set out, so best to go and check it out before expecting anyone else to follow us.  Its also important to be able to say what's coming up.

Out on the top of Bignor Hill a friendly South Downs National Park ranger pointed out to me no less than eight red kites circling overhead.  Their impressive wingspan and predatory wheeling and gliding create a magical sense of silence and energy.

and back to Amberley

On back through our old favourite Houghton Forest and then on to trace my way through new trails (for me) including Sherwood Rough where I saw a large deer bounding into the woods.

From there I checked out the second route, going in the opposite direction to get back to the starting point at Amberley.  Unfortunately for me but good news for the group on Thursday, this was almost all long uphill climbing.  Will be terrific whizzing down the long descents from the South Downs Way (once the little matter of Amberley Mound has been dealt with at the start).

Hopefully on Thursday both groups will catch sight of yet more wildlife too.  Really looking forward to it



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Out in the hills with a family of super Tri Stars

A great few hours spent earlier today with a family of young Tri Star superstars, passing on some basic mountain bike skills.

no hill too big

Matt from Steyning - a man with an exceptionally muddy and well used mountain bike - had decided to see if his young family might like to give off-road cycling a try.

Ella (10) and Guy (9) are already into triathlons, taking part in Tri Star events, but together with mum, Shona, were fairly new to all the lumps and bumps of mountain biking, so we arranged a special family skills session.

And what a family of superstars!  We started with some weaving in and out of trees to get familiar with the art of handling the bike before heading out onto our specially designed route to practice the downhill position and other skills.  Big grins all round as they all mastered the techniques in no time at all and took to whooshing down longer descents.

at the end of every ZigZag ride there lies... cakes

With no need to worry if they were ready for it, we then set off for the beautiful open Downs, taking every climb, descent and all the twists and turns along the way in their stride.

A quick stop at Coombe Church for a bit of history and then on to hot drinks and cake at Shoreham airport.

Next week we have a group ride on Thursday between Amberley and Arundel and the monthly skills session on the Saturday - four riders already booked so just two places left.  We'll have to watch out for a young family of accomplished riders flashing past!

Well done to you Ella, Guy, Shona and Matt.



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Back in Houghton Forest – hooray!

A quick trip out to Houghton Forest to enjoy the trails - back to being rideable and just as much fun as before.

not a philosopher in sight

Some philosophers question whether anyone can really know if a tree makes a sound when it falls in an empty forest.  There was quite a noise, however, earlier this year when the Forestry Commission let rip in Houghton Forest, in the name of environmental logging and left most of the trails unrideable.

So it was with a bit of uneasy foreboding Anne (a big ZigZag supporter) and I set off to explore what had been one of our favourite trails.

zipping down one of the long descents...

There were one or two recently fallen trees barring the way, but in general the forest is back to being at its very fast flowing and fun best - big thanks to all the people, whoever they are, who must have put in a lot of time clearing the paths and making good the damage.

... and climbing one of the longer ascents

We have a family booked in for an introductory session this Saturday and then our monthly Skills Session the following weekend with some takers.  There's also a possibility of some extra guiding for a group on leadership training - though we'll wait to see.

And now we know Houghton Forest is back on we'll be happy to arrange night rides from there, using the amazing lights we have available.


Hope to see you on a ride soon




Welcome to the world of mountain biking on the South Downs

A good ride this morning, sharing some of the great routes nearby with newly arrived Alex, up until three weeks ago London bound and now beginning to enjoy the active outdoor life in Shoreham - so much more to come!

breakfast time

Alex has done some amazing mountain biking in the past - including the stunning 3,600m descent down Death Road in Bolivia (also known as The World's Most Dangerous Road - click here for more).  But living in London offered little more than sedate spins round Richmond Park.

bit misty! but still smiling

Of course the South Downs don't quite have the same scarey adrenalin rush of Bolivian mountains, but there are some lovely routes - and throwing in around 1,000m of climbs in a typical ZigZag ride means you get all the fitness benefits too.

As this was Alex's very first experience of riding on the Downs we opted for one of the less hill packed rides and introduced him to Chanctonbury Ring and Cissbury Ring, pointing out a few of the many bridleways that crisscross the area.

hidden historical treasure

A quick stop too at the tiny church at Coombe, with its 1,000 year old murals.  Then back to Shoreham and a coffee and chance to open up the maps and pour over where we'd been and some of the routes further beyond that are waiting to be explored.

Alex's wife and sister are booked in for one of our introductory sessions early next month - looking forward to helping them get out and enjoy the Downs too.

In the meantime, Nick had his back wheel disintegrate on him, flying round the Surrey Hills earlier this week - so he'll be more on the road than the trails until he gets a replacement.  Anyone wanting to learn how to do wheelies, heart stopping drop-offs or shoot down ridiculous gullies will have to wait his return.

Hope to see you on a ride soon





Cyclists connected – and up to date mud report

Big news in the small world that is Shoreham-by-sea - our lovely new foot and cycle bridge is finally open, giving even easier access to great off-road cycling.

testing out the bike friendly bridge

Thanks in part to Sustrans and their Connect2 projects, those of us living on Shoreham beach - HQs for ZigZag Cycling - are finally reconnected to the mainland earlier this week.

Shoreham is something of a cycling cross-roads, with the Downs Link running all the way up to Guildford as well as all the great routes onto the South Downs and the South Downs Way.  And now we also have another piece in the National Cycle route 2, eventually linking Dover in Kent to St Austell in Cornwall too.

at sunset

ZigZag was there at the opening, along with lots of other cyclists, weaving our way through the happy conga dancing crowds.

And making use of the bridge, early this morning I set off for a quick check on the conditions for the coming weekend.

meanwhile, out on the Downs

Despite all the heavy rain of the last two weeks or so, its not too bad - certainly muddy in places producing the odd back wheel spin and slip, but not too wet and no leg sapping, cloying mud.

So with no more rain forecast for a few days we're looking forward to Sunday's ride - scheduled as the Big Dipper.  Places still available so come and join us.

And big thanks to Sustrans